Principal of Excellence

A written submission no longer than 3000 words that demonstrates your candidate meets and exceeds the expectations listed below.

The Principal of Excellence for the 2016-2017 school year will be assessed in four categories: Communication, Spirituality and Community Partnerships, Building/ Fostering School Spirit, and Demonstrating Professionalism.

1.       Communication Excellence is defined as a Principal that…

  • Communicates regularly and in a timely manner with parents and members of the school community.
  • Shares information with parents about issues and concerns he/she is facing in the school.
  • Encourages CSPC Chair involvement in responding to parent issues/concerns when appropriate.
  • Encourages parents/members of the school community to raise concerns and takes appropriate action/follow up in a timely manner.
  • Takes a proactive stance to problem solving.   Recognizes/identifies issues and takes action.
  • Encourages parents to get involved in school events and activities and to participate on CSPC and open to new ideas and helps to implement them.

2. Excellence in Spirituality and Community Partnerships is defined as a Principal that…

  • Fosters and promotes the values of our faith and beliefs
  • Encourages daily participation in spiritual growth for students and staff
  • Reinforces and encourages the importance of the sacraments
  • Leads the development of student and community spirit
  • Takes a leadership role to ensure that he/she provides a positive environment that builds bridges between the Church, Community and families in the school

3. Excellence in Builds School/Community Spirit is defined as a Principal that

  • Recognizes and reinforces by his/her actions the important roles parents have in the school community
  • Participates/attends extra-curricular student activities such as sporting events, academic competitions, graduation, first communion, etc.
  • Motivates teachers to participate/organize extra-curricular activities
  • Advocates for the school
  • Demonstrates compassion and commitment.
  • Demonstrates"in school practices" that foster and promote an inclusive school environment

4. Demonstrates Professional Excellence is defined as a Principal that

  • Demonstrates exceptional organizational skills.
  • Informed and knowledgeable on current issues impacting the school community
  • Has strong conflict resolution/negotiation skills
  • Acts with integrity and respect at all times

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