OAPCE Toronto Meeting Monday December 5 and November Newsletter

Hello Parents and Partners in Catholic Education

Our last meeting of the year will be MONDAY DECEMBER, 5 at 7:00 p.m. at the CEC! All are invited to come. Rory McGuckin, Associate Director TCDSB will be joining us for a presentation of the Long Term and Long Term Program Plan for elementary and secondary schools. The LTAP is a very important document that will guide the Board's capital priority requests to the Ministry of Education for capital funding of new school schools, additions and renovations (also school consolidations/closures) the LTPP serves as a blueprint for programming for the next 15 years. Here is the direct link to read the report: https://www.tcdsb.org/Board/PlanningandFacilities/ConsultationsLTAPLTPP/Pages/Default.aspx. We ask for your input as we will be preparing a delegation to address it, and will be answering any questions regarding the plan as well. 

An agenda for the meeting can be found here.

We are very happy to share with you our November Newsletter packed with information for you to share! As always we are looking for your success stories so we can share them in our newsletter, email us anytime! 

We will also be having a small Advent prayer service and Christmas social as well - May we all be blessed during this Advent season! 

OAPCE Toronto Team