A Paradise Lent To Us By Our Children

OAPCE Toronto wishes all a Happy Marriage Sunday Feb7/8. In pursuing the vocation of Marriage, we take a leap of faith into a better tomorrow. The fruit of that union is our children and the hope that their lives will be filled with success.  Our family life is built on traditions and customs passed down to us to honour our parents. The institution of Marriage is integral not only to our children’s prosperity but to the survival of our way of life. We borrow this planet and society’s fabric from future generations. It  is a paradise lent to us by our children. What kind of legacy  will we leave behind? As parents in Catholic Education, we see the value in teaching that change is not the only constant. That love, faith, hope and truth can empower all to fulfill their potential and succeed. The upcoming Mass with Cardinal Collins on 7 May 2015 , during Catholic Education Week, will include recognition of the  importance of parents in the triad of church, school and home. Together, let us make our communities stronger and our children more secure to achieve and flourish.

We also look forward as Easter time fast approaches. Preparations in this celebration includes Lenten fasting and alms giving. The Board’s Lenten Resources can be very helpful during this time of the year. We are called to repent, take action, to spread good news and make the world a better place. Let the beginning of Lent, this Ash Wednesday 18 Feb.2015, be a renewal of your faith journey.

In our married lives, we model loving behaviour. The Love that is celebrated on Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February, speaks to the sanctity of marriage. It is an equal partnership where abuse and harassment have no place. So too in our children’s schools, love of neighbor is taught. Acceptance and welcoming differences as gifts from God are promoted. On 25 Feb.2015, National Pink Shirt Day encourages your child to wear something pink to help eliminate bullying everywhere.

Bullying is not just a schoolyard activity. This month also provides us with an opportunity to contemplate our online lives. The 10th of February, International Internet Safety Day, provides a chance to further enhance our children’s security, to fulfill their hopes, and the promise of the internet. With great power comes great responsibility; teach your children to surf safely.