Ideas for Events/Grants

Are you looking for a grant for your school?  We have compiled a list that we have found useful here.

Additional resources can be found below:

Ron Moorish - Discipline Presentation addresses some of the current myths around punishment and reward systems of behaviour modification.  

Sara Westbrook:
Healthy Resilient Minds Matter Presentations - parents will learn activities that will help them coach their children on how to bounce back from tough emotions and challenging circumstances so they can make virtue based choices. Student presentations and workshops also available.

YouthSpeak empowers youth through leadership training to positively impact their world by sharing personal stories in assemblies and workshops related to mental health, bullying and/or addiction. Youth-led engaging programs are geared for grades 3-12, post-secondary, parent groups, keynotes at conferences throughout the GTA and southern Ontario. The goal is to increase empathy and improve resilience in youth and their adult allies.

Paul Davis:

Social Networking Safety Presentation

See Feedback from Principals and Parents:

Teaching financial literacy:

Reducing the stigma for mental health and raising awareness:

Promoting Literacy (inviting writers to schools):

School Shows:

Youth Coach Global:

Engaging Literacy:

Stand Up Now:

Financial Literacy:

Arts Express:

Active Chefs: